Jennifer Keelen | The Keelen Group
Jennifer Keelen

Jennifer Keelen – joined the firm as an employee in Jan 2015.  Before that she helped CEO Matt Keelen as an advisor to help him run The Keelen Group.  Prior to joining the Keelen Group she served as President of Keelen Communications where she worked on several national advocacy campaigns.  Jennifer serves as CFO and Client advisor to CEO Matt Keelen.  As CFO she is responsible for all financial activity of a firm.  As client advisor she works with CEO Matt Keelen working with all of the firms clients and helping him plan the growth of firm for the future. Jenn graduated from Muhlenberg College in 1996 and Her first job was on Capitol Hill Working for Chairman Chris Smith on the Helsinki Commission.  She also taught 1st through 4th grade in both Washington DC and Alexandria public schools for six years.