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The Keelen Group, LLC is a dynamic, award-winning lobbying firm specializing in strategic public policy and legislative planning services.
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The Keelen Group, LLC specializes in developing successful brand strategies for our clients. Your “brand” clearly identifies who you are, what can be expected from you, and it differentiates you from everyone else in the crowd.

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The Keelen Group, LLC team of seasoned professionals has decades of experience working with state and federal governments, and the private sector. Our backgrounds provide a multitude of unique specialties and skills that are complementary to the needs of our diverse client list. To learn more about the individuals at TKG, please click on our names below.

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  • How did we get here? The election of Donald Trump and the Brexit decision are monumental messages from the forgotten middle class to the out-of-touch Liberal elites of the world. In most western countries, the middle class largely feels that their elected leaders no longer represent them; many read more...